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"Your New Business Bridge To Risk Management And Information Security"
At TecHarbor, we are striving to become an indispensable part of your business success by putting the measures and feedback mechanisms in place that enable you to successfully run your business in a controlled manner while adhering to your business needs, the market needs and regulations.

WHY…are we there?

The current events clearly prove that there is the need for a radical change of view:
  • The business needs to be in control
  • The focus needs to be on a small number of core elements
  • Effectiveness and efficiency are crucial for controlled growth
WHO…are we?

TecHarbor has been founded by a group of seasoned, hands-on information security professionals with a wealth of international experience in bringing risk-management solutions to work.
WHAT…do we do?

TecHarbor brings software and solutions for the management of risks in the information technology industry to Europe. We cover all aspects of a solution based buying cycle of organizations that want to grow while adhering to rules and regulations.
WHICH…value do we deliver?

TecHarbor is offering a range of wisely selected best of breed technologies that, when brought to action, seamlessly support all business requirements of companies that have a mission for innovation and growth.