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15-09-29 - Covertix Supports Secure Transition to Microsoft® Office 365

Kfar Saba, Israel – 29 September 2015 – Covertix security technology facilitates migration to Microsoft® Office 365 by ensuring confidential information is protected wherever it is, dynamically, in real time.
Covertix’s SmartCipherTM technology provides complete control, tracking, and forensics for unstructured data files both within and external to organizations, no matter where the data is located or with whom they are shared. Its real-time classification policies ensure on-the-fly governance of your protected information across every role and device, within Office 365, including email and cloud storage. The technology is a layer of protection that “rides along” within the files themselves, ensuring that the data cannot ever escape protection.
“Security concerns are the primary reason that many people are not actively moving to the cloud,” said Covertix CEO Yoran Sirkis. “Covertix support for Office 365 eases some of those concerns.
Many users of Microsoft® Office 365, Exchange, Azure Active Directory, and SharePoint are already using Microsoft’s Rights Management System. Covertix technologies supplements and strengthens information protection because it’s based on a completely different, patented technology so even Microsoft cannot view protected files.
“We live in a world without boundaries,” concluded Sirkis. “Protection needs to follow each document, each piece of information because the endpoint no longer exists. It’s now everywhere.”

About Covertix
Covertix data-centric technologies dynamically protect confidential information and sensitive data in motion, in use, and at rest, anywhere, anytime, within any file, and across any device, inside the organization and out, and within email. Covertix partners with leading companies such as NetIQ, TechHarbor, Zia Consulting, among others. Customers in financial services, healthcare, insurance companies, and travel use Covertix solutions. To learn more, please visit www.covertix.com.

About TecHarbor
TecHarbor combines knowledge with highly advanced security software solutions to cope with today's digital risks and challenges. We bring promising and proven technology in the European market and support a long-term success.

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