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Mr. Jürgen Schulze is a founder of TecHarbor and is in charge of our customer relationships in the DACH-region, marketing, PR, social media and he oversees the IT infrastructure.
He also acts as TecHarbor's liaison into the
German BSI, the Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit and the BITKOM.
Jürgen Schulze has spent 33 years in the information technology world in various international management positions in channel marketing, product marketing, business development and strategic sales; during the last 16 years with a strong focus on IT-/information security: At Symantec, Jürgen was in charge oft he green field development of strategic alliances in EMEA which acted as a blue print for the global roll out. In this function, Jürgen and Henk jointly developed a successful relationship between Symantec and EDS. Jürgen also served in the advisory board of Comsec and was lately instrumental in the turnaround oft the security business unit at CA Technologies as a Director Solution Sales EMEA in team with Henk.
In the past five years, he has dedicated significant efforts to all aspects of social media in the business space, with a strong focus on use cases, monetization, information security and privacy protection. For this subject, he’s been a founding member and regular contributor for the social media workgroup at the German BITKOM. He’s also a member oft the German Cyber Security Allianz.
Lately, Jürgen has been also busy developing methods to semantically classify information which leads to a high degree of automatization in combination with SmartCipher, the IRM-Solution of Covertix.
Jürgen is a regular speaker on information security and social media events where he focusses on the business enabling nature of information security.

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