Information security is a close loop of measures, events, mitigation and remediation. People and technology are part of the process work that makes an enterprise function. While in the past, information security was a good excuse to keep things as they were, both the competition and the new role of the CIO as the key driver of Innovation and growth, does not allow for that lack of agility. Making information security a driver for success rather than an hinderance, requires a look into the people dealing with IT (Identity and Access Management), the information they deal with (data protection) and, ultimately, put the status against the requirements (compliance).
After years of endpoint security frenzy, after billions of dollars spent on IT-security, it is about time to focus on what is really required to run a successful company when it comes to information security:
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Data Protection and
  • Compliance
in short:
  • Risk Management
We leapfrog ahead by turning the wheel back to the core elements of business. Enabling people to use information technology to their benefit while controlling risks for the enterprise as much as the employee is our ultimate goal.
The skills and technology required to accomplish, are proven in years of work in that space as well as confirmed by the likes of IDC and other competent analyst firms.

Close the loop