Covertix develops solutions to equip enterprise organizations with independent file-level surveillance and control, protecting sensitive data, inside and outside the organization. The company's innovative technology secures and monitors confidential and sensitive documents, by automatically tagging digital assets according to file context and content, continuously tracking and securing files, at any point or method of usage.
The perfect audience for Covertix is defined through the value of the data in use, the risk of leaking and, quite obviously, the potential damage if data goes astray and reaches people or functions that were not intended to receive it. Determining the value of information in use, the roles of people that use it and to what extend they can use it, is a prerequisite for assessing the potential risk and defining preventive measures.
By default, information traded on executive level has potential to cause major damage if put into the wrong hands. Investor relations is yet another department that requires utmost care in communications. HR and R&D are hot on the list, too. One for severe regulations that must not be violated and one for intellectual property that gives an enterprise the advantage over the competition. Both, inside and outside communication have to be controlled. Everyone dealing with external partners that might not entertain the same level of security, is yet another target for threats.
Covertix solutions enable employees, business partners and third-party vendors to collaborate freely while significantly reducing overall risk and with a minimal interruption to the organization's workflow.
This incomplete list outlines some ways to intelligently put SmartCipher to action:

  • Secure executive communications.
  • Track and control customer lists, pricing information, RFIs, RFPs.
  • Limit access to confidential employee’s personal and compensation information.
  • Secure sensitive HR information such as pay scales, performance evaluations.
  • Protect contracts, M&A information, litigation information, Due diligence documents.
  • Track confidential information shared with business partners.
  • Protect trade secrets, blueprints and designs, R&D findings.
  • Safely share protected RFPs with potential partners.
  • Protect data outsourced to business partners.
A 360 degree view on the functionality of SmartCipher