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WCK GRC software provides holistic coverage for all your risk management challenges - security, IT, physical and critical infrastructure protection.
Our governance risk and compliance platform delivers crystal clear visibility of your security and IT posture. In business language that management can understand. You get a remediation plan that is prioritized so that you focus your improvement efforts where it counts the most, on your company‘s crown jewels.
Our unique GRC solution is designed to be implemented in an extremely short time frame. Simple and intuitive to use and maintain.
Solutions Overview
WCK GRC Software is a business-driven risk management software solution that allows the CIO, CISO, CRO and other company executives to improve their governance, risk and compliance processes.
The WCK GRC scalable platform includes multiple modules which can be mixed and matched depending on an organization’s needs.
Companies can choose to start with the GRC Software’s basic functionality and then add on additional modules as their needs grow, or to start out from day one with the complete offering.
The WCK GRC platform provides comprehensive tools for the on-going management of cyber and IT security risks
The WCK GRC solution offers significant benefits for organizations that cope with security risks and compliance challenges:
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    A guided tour to compliance
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    Quick implementation - Accurate Risk Posture within a Week
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    Risk Identification and Assessment
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    Efficient Remediation Management
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    Compliance Automation
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    Extensive Dashboards and Reports